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Optical technology solutions from Australian Fibre Works

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Australian Fibre Works  offers high performance optical technology solutions to the broadcast and fibre optics technology segments of telecommunications industry. Australian Fibre Works currently provides its product sand services to start up, medium and large size customers including systems, sub-systems, carriers and module manufacturers.

Australian Fibre Works offers a comprehensive range of products that include polarization maintaining devices, WDM and filter, fiber optic circulator, 1064nm products, standard patch cords and pigtails, single mode couplers and splitters, fiber optic isolator, faraday rotator, collimator, specialty optical fiber and optical attenuators for non-PM and PM fiber.

The various polarization maintaining devices offered by Australian Fibre Works include polarization beam combiner and splitter, polarization maintaining filter WDM, polarization maintaining sense WDM, polarization maintaining isolator, polarization maintaining filter coupler, in-line polarizer, PM fiber circulator, in-line faraday rotator, polarization maintaining patch cord fiber, polarization maintaining fiber collimator and polarization maintaining isolator.

Polarization maintaining PM splitter and combiner from Australian Fibre Works combines two orthogonal polarization components into a single output fiber. This configuration uses two PM fibers for input and SM fiber for output. This device minimises the losses and provides high extinction ratio.

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