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Fiber optic isolators from Australian Fibre Works

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Australian Fibre Works  offers different varieties of fiber optic isolators that include polarization insensitive single stage isolator, polarization insensitive dual stage isolator, polarization insensitive twin isolator, compact polarization insensitive isolator, polarization insensitive tap isolator, polarization insensitive single stage isolator 1550nm, polarization maintaining isolator, high power polarization insensitive isolator, multimode polarization insensitive isolator, filter wavelength division multiplexer and isolator wavelength division multiplexer.

Polarization insensitive twin isolator from Australian Fibre Works integrates two independent isolators into a single standard isolator package. This twin isolator is best suited for and instrumentation and EDFA designs where more isolators are used. The polarization insensitive twin isolator offers low IL loss, good temperature stability, low temperature dependence, high isolation and great space saving.

Polarization insensitive single stage isolator offered by Australian Fibre Works is a two port micro optic device with Hi1060 fiber. This device eliminates back scattering and reflection in reverse direction and guides optical light in one direction. The polarization single stage isolator features low insertion loss and good environmental reliability and stability. This isolator is ideal for high performance laser based fiber optic systems and for suppressing back reflection in fiber lasers.

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