Australian Fibre Works

AFW Technologies offers fibre optic and photonic products to the wide range of industry and research applications; major areas are fibre optic networks, military and security, fibre sensor systems, laser and telecommunication industry.

Products include: polarization maintaining devices, singlemode and multimode WDMs, fibre optic circulators, high power fibre coupled isolators, 532nm splitters, 8 channel CWDM multiplexers, FTTH splitters, plastic ... + View more


Supplier news
25/03/08 - Polarization insensitive twin isolator from Australian Fibre Works integrates two independent isolators into a single standard isolator package. This twin isolator is best suited for and instrumentation and EDFA designs where more isolators are used.
Supplier news
24/03/08 - The various single mode splitters and couplers offered by Australian Fibre Works include single mode standard couplers, single mode broadband couplers, single mode standard tree coupler, single mode wavelength division multiplexers, single mode broad
Supplier news
21/03/08 - Australian Fibre Works offers high performance optical technology solutions to the broadcast and fibre optics technology segments of telecommunications industry.

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Australian Fibre Works (Head office) Update these details
L1, No45, Star Crescent
VIC 3803
Tel: 03 9702 4402
Fax: 03 9702 4877

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