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Simple design but peak performance

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THOMPSONS Kelly & Lewis (TKL) has released the TKL Primo-Titan Series A pump, which offers a simple design and a peak performance.

The Primo-Titan Series A represents an economical long term investment which affords easy low cost maintenance and provides a number of advantages over submersible pumps.

These pumps operate at higher liquid temperature (75°C) and there is no risk of sludge build-up on the motor to inhibit cooling. Pulley sizes can be easily changed which provides for flexibility in running speeds.

The front suction cover is easily removable, so that any blockages can be quickly and easily removed without any need for cranes or hoists or for disconnecting pipes or dismantling the pump.

The wear plate is reversible and replaceable and there is provision for quick impeller adjustment. The ease of maintenance is reinforced by the fact that no special tools are required.

The shaft sealing has a double mechanical seal running in a separate oil chamber. The oil cools and lubricates the seal faces, and prevents damage even if the pump is run dry for extended periods.

The Primo-Titan Series A is suitable for dewatering contractors' sites and for pumping out sludge pits. It handles water with solids, free flowing slurries, industrial waste and sewage and will pass solids up to 76mm in diameter.

There are five models in the range extending from 50 to 200mm nominal bore discharge and with flow rates to 160L/s.

The Primo-Titan Series A pumps are made in Australia and are available off the shelf. A new brochure providing extensive details about this new range is available from all TKL offices. Thompsons, Kelly and Lewis 03 9562 0744.

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