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Real fire fought at Australian Exhibitions & Conferences’ WA Safety Show

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A real fire was fought at the WA Safety Show.

Propane-fuelled flames will test the skills of fire-fighters outside the Perth Convention Exhibition Centre on the final day of the inaugural three-day workplace safety event.

Training body, Safety Direct Solutions and inventor of the Xtreme ITS 'smart' extinguisher, Bullex, will demonstrate a suitable way to put out fires.

Flames from propane burners respond to ultrasonic signals from the tip of the Bullex Xtreme fire extinguisher nozzle. If a trainee aims at the base of the fire and sweeps the extinguisher properly, the flames gradually go out.

The organisers of the WA Safety Show are pleased with attendances at the inaugural show. Only two days into the three-day event, visits had broken the 2500 mark and day two was close to 50% busier than the first day.

"Australia's biggest corporations have been particularly well represented so far at the WA Safety Show," said organiser, Marie Kinsella of Australian Exhibitions & Conferences , "and the number of people who've visited is impressive, especially given the remoteness of so many WA workplaces."

The inaugural WA Safety Show will conclude on Thursday August 14 at the Perth Convention Exhibition Centre and is sponsored by the Department of Consumer and Employment Protection, Government of Western Australia.

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