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BullEx Australia to display at The Safety Show Sydney

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article image The Gas Trainer allows comprehensive gas monitoring

The Safety Show Sydney and Sydney Materials Handling, presented by Australian Exhibitions & Conferences , will take place this year from October 27 to 29. 

The BullEx Australia stand (location E10) will feature the BullEx Gas Trainer Trainer’s System that revolutionises gas detection training in Australian industry. The environmentally friendly product reduces businesses training impact on the environment. The BullEx Gas Trainer Trainer’s System can simulate gas leaks and gas clouds without the hazards of using any real gas, allowing trainers of first response emergency teams to train responders in a totally safe environment.

BullEx Gas Trainer Trainer’s System incorporating the BullEx Leaking Gas Cylinder provides a comprehensive gas monitoring and response training for both fire service professionals and safety personnel. Simulated gas sources can be set up in work areas, chemical storage facilities, and near HVAC equipment where HazMat dangers may actually exist.  Students can be trained on the behaviour of different gases, how to locate the source of an emission and how to establish safety perimeters in the event of a hazard situation.  

The training system is capable of simulating four different types of gas: 

  • Explosive gas (%LEL)
  • Oxygen (O)
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO)
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)

Electronic transmitters are positioned around the search area and are used to simulate a cloud of gas. The trainee’s gas meter (Student Unit) measures the strength of the signal of the transmitters simulating one of four possible gases. One gas type at a time will be automatically simulated by the transmitters; the other three gases can be adjusted manually at any time on the Instructor Unit. The Student Unit and Instructor Unit communicate with each other using a wireless link enabling the instructor to monitor and assess the trainee’s performance.

BullEx Australia will join more than 300 exhibitors at The Safety Show and Sydney Materials Handling to present numerous workplace safety and materials handling solutions under one roof.

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