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Australian Energy Consultants  gives advises on their Electricity,Natural Gas and Emission needs to both Businesses and consumers.Before signing an electricity contract first speak to Australian Energy Consultants who offers advise on when to enter the energy market and tender ones contract to ensure natural gas and electricity prices.

Australian Energy Consultants supplies greenhouse friendly VER offsets to meet the carbon and emission targets. Australian Energy Consultants designs and implements carbon offsets for individuals and households and emission reduction programs for business.

Electricity tenders / natural gas tenders: Products - Energy Snap Shot from AEC -An energy contract load and rate audit enables to view current energy (both electricity and gas) liabilities across multiple sites and locations.
Emission Reduction Programs-Australian Energy Consultants offers programs based on business requirements to reduce and offset carbon emissions. Australian Energy Consultants designs programs to meet requirements such as Greenhouse Friendly, Kyoto, and Gold Star etc.

Staff Education Programs-Australian Energy Consultants conducts Global Warming and Carbon Emission education sessions which empowers its staff.

Australian Energy Consultants offer number of services to reduce the costs and advises on emission Offsets and Carbon Credits. Emission Offsets is a reduction in the air pollution emissions of existing sources to compensate for emissions from other sources. This act of reducing an equal amount of emissions to counterbalance the emissions from your energy-using activities (this is known as your “carbon footprint"). Australian Energy Consultants manages the emissions, providing business a carbon neutral footprint and AEC'S offsets are certified "Greenhouse Friendly Verified Emission Reduction (VER)".

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