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Water savings for air conditioning

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AUSTRALIAN Electronic Water Conditioners Pty Ltd has introduced Scalewatcher, a proven system that saves considerable amounts of water for cooling towers in Australian buildings.

The patented system features other benefits such as saving energy (up to $30,000 per year), saving chemicals (up to 90%) and saving on maintenance costs, according to Australian Electronic Water Conditioners.

Today ‘Every Drop Counts’ and governments are implementing policies and grants to all sectors of the community to encourage Australians to save water for the benefit of future generations.

The secret to the Scalewatcher system is removing existing scale and preventing scale build-up from cooling water systems.

The system is not invasive as it also prevents corrosion. The only requirement is that current chemical treatment is changed slightly to adjust for Scalewatcher performance.

There is no doubt that water charges will increase in the near future and if water savings are not continually implemented in Australia, the community may be in jeopardy of losing their most precious commodity – water.

Scalewatcher saved over 11 million litres of water in the last 12 month period for a cooling tower in Fort Fisher, USA.

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