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Improved hotel water supplies

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AUSTRALIAN Electronic Water Conditioners Pty Ltd is providing solutions for improving hotel water supplies in Australia with the Scalewatcher.

The solution creates drinking water that tastes as good as spring bottled water because the chlorine taste in drinking water is removed.

In the kitchen Scalewatcher cleans dishwashers and prevents scum from forming in the drains, therefore less detergent is needed for dishwashers.

Scalewatcher cleans scale marks from toilets and sinks and scale buildup on urinals. It also prevents slime and scale forming in toilet cisterns.

In the hotel laundry the product cleans washing machines and drains. This helps the environment, as less detergent is required.

Scalewatcher prevents scale buildup and reduces chemicals in hotel swimming pools and spas.

The product is used in fountains to remove scale and slime and condition the water, therefore less chemicals are used.

For hotel air conditioning systems Scalewatcher in cooling towers – this water treatment saves water, energy and maintenance.

Using Scalewatcher in hot water systems prevents corrosion, removes scale and saves on energy.

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