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New panel stands up for eggs

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THE Australian Egg Corporation has announced the appointment of five nutrition and medical healthcare experts to the newly formed Egg Nutrition Advisory Group (ENAG).

The advisory group has been brought together in response to research which found 73.2% of GPs believed dietary cholesterol had a moderate to significant effect on serum cholesterol levels.

Scientific literature, however, is said to show dietary cholesterol has minimal, if any, effect for most people.

The new panel has been convened to help time-poor healthcare professionals sort out fact from fiction when it comes to eggs and good nutritional advice.

Associate professor Karam Kostner, cardiologist and member of ENAG, says the scientific evidence points to a positive role for eggs in a healthy diet.

“The clinical and research evidence shows that the beneficial nutritional contribution eggs make to a balanced diet for the average healthy person is far more important than any concern people may have regarding egg consumption and plasma cholesterol,” he said.

“ENAG is reviewing the latest research which suggests that while elevated plasma cholesterol is an important treatable risk factor for coronary heart disease, reducing saturated fat intake, losing weight and taking cholesterol lowering medication is more beneficial than restricting the intake of eggs,” he said.

Australian Egg Corporation managing director James Kellaway said the new Egg Nutrition Advisory Group will play an important role in helping healthcare practitioners stay up-to-date with the latest information on eggs, health, diet and disease.

“Egg has been the subject of negative publicity for decades now,” he said.

“However the egg industry is so confident about our product that we are having it scrutinised by the most distinguished medical and nutritional experts in Australia.”

“We have reviewed all the available literature and found scientific opinion is weighted in favour of eggs as a beneficial and important contributor to a healthy diet,” ENAG member and Food Nutrition Australia director Sharon Natoli said.

“Eggs make an excellent contribution to daily nutrient intakes containing 18 essential vitamins and minerals,” she said.

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