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Australian Dust Control installs two new large fume extraction systems at Sydney TAFE College

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Australian Dust Control Pty Ltd  has installed two new fume extraction systems in the welding and plumbing workshops at the North Sydney TAFE College, NSW.
The first fume extraction system was installed for the welding area of the workshop that had 32 welding benches. The system comprised of static filters, a 55kw centrifugal fan with clean air discharging into the atmosphere and 32 articulated arms for the welding benches, each measuring 150mm in diameter and covering a 2m radius.
The fan and filter for this fume extraction system were installed on the rooftop above the welding and plumbing workshop. A sound enclosure and a duct silencer provided on the outlet side of the fan helped minimise noise to the surrounding buildings.
ADC installed the second fume extraction system for the soldering benches in the same welding and plumbing workshop. This system included a 22kw fan located on the clean side of the static filter, and all the ductwork and the two hoods were manufactured in 304 grade stainless steel to eliminate the potentially corrosive effects of soldering fumes. A silencer was placed on the 22kw fan and relief air ducting located on the rooftop. The scope of work also included provision of concrete plinths for the fans and the filters.
Australian Dust Control offers a comprehensive services range from the initial planning and layout stage of any project through to complete design, installation and commissioning of new dust and fume extraction systems. ADC’s solutions for the learning segment across schools, colleges and institutions help keep students and teachers safe from dust and fume emissions.
All ADC fume and dust extraction systems are compliant with Australian Standards and OHSE guidelines.

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