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Australian Dust Control installs shaker dust collector at Kearnan College

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article image Australian Dust Control Model S20 Shaker Filter Unit

Kearnan College engaged Australian Dust Control Pty Ltd to supply and install an S20 shaker dust collector in their woodworking room.
Australian Dust Control specialises in supplying high schools, TAFE colleges and various learning institutions with the latest technology available in dust and fume extraction systems. The flexible and innovative designs are energy efficient and come with a wide range of available options.
ADC installed an S20 shaker dust collector at Kearnan College featuring a 4.1kw fan fitted with a sound enclosure to minimise noise levels to the surrounding classrooms.
ADC’s S20 shaker dust collector has sufficient capacity for a small woodworking room to operate four machines simultaneously. Requiring low maintenance, the S20 is energy efficient with an airflow capacity of 3000m³/hr.
The shaker dust collector offers a high level of protection from dust particles for all students and teachers, and is compliant with OHSE regulations and Australian Standards.
ADC can also custom design and install a complete dust and fume extraction system tailored to suit the specific needs of each school.

Australian Dust Control is a certified Australian Made licensee eligible to use the Australian Made logo for their range of products including the shaker dust collectors.

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