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Australian Dust Control installs dust extraction system in Papua New Guinean timber mill

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article image Australian Dust Control Model C2300 Cyclone System

Australian Dust Control Pty Ltd (ADC) designed, supplied and installed a dust extraction system for a hardwood timber mill in Papua New Guinea.

Chosen by Tropical Highlands Timbers in the Western Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea, ADC worked with the company’s management to design and install a cyclone dust collector Model C2300 with ductwork and an energy saving variable speed drive (VSD) function.

After the dust extraction system was designed and shipped to PNG, ADC’s experienced installers travelled to the site and installed and commissioned the equipment.

ADC’s solution consisted of a cyclone filter unit, which used centrifugal force to remove high volumes of dust. The cyclonic action causes the dust particles to settle at the base of the cyclone, before being transported via a closed loop blower fan into an adjacent storage bin. Clam shell doors on the storage bin allow the waste to be discharged into a truck for disposal.

Key features of ADC’s Model C2300 cyclone dust collector include robust galvanised steel panels and frame; galvanised ductwork; weatherproof construction to suit external application; low maintenance design for streamlined production; 75 kW fan; 42,000m³/hr airflow capacity allowing operation of all machines simultaneously; and certified Australian Made ensuring superior quality of all components.

Australian Dust Control designs and manufactures a comprehensive range of energy efficient cyclones suitable for timber, paper, plastics, metal, food, landscaping and mining industries.

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