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ADC’s dust collector system for STAEDTLER

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In Jan 2006 STAEDTLER, a pencil manufacturer, needed to replace its 25 year old dust extraction system. This existing dust collector had some special features that were starting to get tired.

Primarily, the dust extraction system comprised a dust collector extracting dust from the pencil moulder and ancillary machines, then feeding to the dust collector, then to the storage silo, which then blows the dust into the high temperature furnace. The total process was a semi auto setup, with key staff needing to have the intricate knowledge to keep the system operating 24 hr, 6 days a week.

Australian Dust Control was commissioned to replace the entire dust extraction system, including the feed of waste into the furnace.

Australian Dust Control started with the redesign of the dust extraction filter, giving a greater airflow capacity, as well as using new technology in filtration, by way of the reverse flow rotary filter. Modular ductwork connected from the extraction points to the new 45kw extraction fan.

This extraction fan is controlled by VSD (variable speed drive) and unique pressure transmitter to preset suction levels within the ductwork of the dust extraction system, so that exact suction levels are maintained, no matter how many machines are operated simultaneously. The dust is then discharged from the dust extractor to the storage silo/bin, (or commonly known as a hopper), via a rotary valve.

The PLC control panel now takes over. Firstly, the sensors monitoring dust levels in the silo, indicates that the furnace is ready for start up. Once the preset temperature is reached, the dust extraction system and feed system to the furnace is now on auto. A thermo couple presets the exact temperature range in the furnace, by way of the VSD (variable speed drive) adjusting the feed rates of the screw conveyor in the lower end of the storage silo.

Once this is achieved, the furnace now burns continuously until the silo is empty of waste material, generally taking 6 days of the 7 day cycle. The dust extraction systems furnace also now has a gas burner management system that will fire up the furnace automatically and eliminates the need manually start the fire. Australian Dust Control has the expertise to apply this technology to several applications in a wide variety of industries.

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