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VIROGARD protective masks available from Australian Consolidated Products

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Personal Protective masks have been designed to provide a high degree of protection for the wearer from airborne bacteria and viruses.

  • Dual anti-microbial and water-repellent fabric layers
  • Designed for comfortable all-day’wear
  • Suitable for hospital or public use
  • Can be washed and re-used
  • Effective against dust-mites

The VIROGARD difference:

VIROGARD protective mask, available from Australian Consolidated Products, is manufactured from high quality non-woven 40gsm material that has been contoured for an ergonomic fit to the face such that is can be worn without discomfort for long periods. It is simple to fit and wear.

There are two features of the VIROGARD mask: –

  • A proprietary antimicrobial polymer coating is incorporated in the fabric which ensures that no micro-organism can survive on its surface, let alone pass through. The coating cannot leach, contains no heavy metals, fluoro chemicals or pesticides and is totally non-hazardous to humans. The coating is fatal to bacteria and viruses though and this antimicrobial action is effective for the life of the fabric. The mask can be washed up to 20 times and/or hot-ironed without affecting the antimicrobial action
  • A proprietary and permanent water and oil repellant coating is also incorporated in the fabric. This coating – technically a dendrimer nano-structure – is environmentally friendly and dispersed through the fabric’s fibre matrix

To make doubly sure of its protective properties, there are two layers of equally effective coated material in the VIROGARD mask.

The net effect of the extensive research that has resulted in the VIROGARD mask means that:

  • It provides a high degree of protection against airborne bacteria and viruses
  • It is practical
  • It is re-usable
  • It is cost-effective

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