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Spill Vac machine released

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Spill Vac machine can empty a truck fuel tank and hold the contents, while one fixes it and then pump it back in again within minutes. Spill Vac machine has no motor of its own, it is air driven.
Spill Vac machine will save heaps of time in any situation
Use on the following items
anti freeze, coolant
transmission fluids, oil, diesel
brake fluid
grease, water
powders, paint
CNC / machine filings
and much more

Capacity options: 59 litres ( standard option specs for this size below), 114 litres, 205 litres and 273 litres
Overall height: 125cm
Wand length: 107cm
Weight:(empty) 15.9kg
Suction: Draws 12 inches of mercury ( 3-4 times more powerful than wet vacuums
Material: Polished aluminium cylinder with galvanised fittings and brass valves
Power: Air powered. No electricity needed 90psi : 30cfm
Suction Hose: 2.13 metres standard – static and corrosive free 3.18cm diameter
Disposal Hose: 1.52 metres standard – static and corrosive free 3.18cm diameter
Fill Time: 37 seconds (water)
Discharge time: 27 seconds (water)

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