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Glow in the dark craft and fabric paint

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There are eight colours currently available, which all glow close to their respective colours in the dark. They are red, natural, blue, green, yellow, pink, orange and purple.  The individual colours will glow close to their respective colours in the dark. Australian Consolidated Products believes this is unique as all other paints only glow a green/yellow glow in the dark, irrespective of their daytime colour.

Only 15 minutes exposure to any light source is needed to produce a 24 hour glow on all the colours. The individual colour glow will glow for up to eight hours. After eight hours the paint will continue to glow for up to a further 16 hours, but the glow will be a green/yellow glow. 

The paint can be applied to almost any surface such as; canvas, plastic, metal, glass, wood and fabric (on fabric the paint must be left for 72hrs before washing. It can be clear coated once dry if desired).

Apart from the obvious uses as craft paint for adults and children or for imaginative murals, other ideas for use include school projects, craft projects, ceramics, glass wear, fabrics, clothing, lamp shade designs, children’s toys, fishing lures, fishing rods, tent stakes/poles, golf balls, diving gear, bicycles/helmets, skateboards, tools, door knobs, light switches, flash lights, swimming pools, house numbers, mobile phone covers – it’s uses are only limited to ones imagination. 

The paint is a waterborne acrylic copolymer. The paints are non-flammable, not toxic, acid free and contain no hazardous substances. MSDS are available.  

Currently, the there is only one size available, which is a 30ml tube. The tubes are supplied fully labeled with bar code.  The tubes are all sealed for protection and have a press down top to prevent the paint from drying out. The tubes are made from a soft plastic and have a handy applicator to allow paint to be applied effortlessly. In the future larger tubes will be available. There will also be 120ml aerosol spray cans of the same paint available in the very near future.

The product is brand new to the market and is not available anywhere else in Australia (other than through Allure Glow appointed agents).

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