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Pilot burners from Australian Combustion Services

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The different products offered by Australian Combustion Services include general burners and controls, electrodes, pilot burners, air and gas mixing devices, burner tips, industrial torch burners and gas and air hand torches. Pilot burners from Australian Combustion Services include SBT spark ignited pilots, JMP atmospheric pilots, PB atmospheric pilots, AN pilot torches and FR pilot torches.

SBT spark ignited blast pilots from Australian Combustion Services are similar to BB tips in their construction and uses a special design SBT25 tip. These burners are made of stainless steel that can withstand back heat and are offered with a special spark plug and threaded outer shell. These burners can be used for variety of situations where reliable ignited burner tip is required. It can also be used as a pre mix type pilots on larger burners.

AN pilot torch from Australian Combustion Services is an atmospheric pilot with stable and soft flame designed to be operated on low pressure gasses. AN tip, SPI inspirator, control valve and mixing tube are the basic components of AN torch. The various accessories available with AN torch are flame safety, auto ignition and flex horses.

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