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Gas burners and controls from Australian Combustion Services

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Australian Combustion Services  offers a wide range of burners and controls and has serviced the gas industry for the past 40 years. Australian Combustion Services designs, produces and installs components of high technical standard for heating related project. It also stocks a comprehensive range of ancillary equipment and provides technical advice on installation.

Australian Combustion Services specialises in providing innovative solutions to gas firing. A complete range of solenoid valves that includes goyen, gastechnic, dungs, tekni and parker is offered by Australian Combustion Services. The company recommends the most suitable valve suiting the application and price range of the customer.  

Australian Combustion Services offers regulators for air and gas in all pressure ranges and pipe sizes. The different regulators include donkin, fisher, jeavons, Sherwood, email and many more. Flame safety controllers from Australian Combustion Services are designed to suit all burner types. The range of controllers includes landis & staefer, Johnson, crouzet, brahma and scarico. The company stocks different types of ignition systems to compliment electrodes and burners.

Temperature controllers offered by Australian Combustion Services are digital set point controllers that are programmed with a range of outputs and configurations. Australian Combustion Services also offers infrared sensors and digital indicators.

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