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Burners and controls from Australian Combustion Services

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The various products offered by Australian Combustion Services include general burners and controls, electrodes, pilot burners, air and gas mixing devices, burner tips, industrial torch burners and gas and air hand torches. The different varieties of burners and controls from Australian Combustion Services include atmospheric venturi burners, premix burners, nozzle mixing burners, low temperature ovens, higher temperature furnaces, safety controls, technical notes and recuperation.

Atmospheric venturi burners from Australian Combustion Services operate only on gas. The venturi throat allows the flow of gas stream through orifice atmospheric air for combustion. The flame safety systems used in the pilot burners are usually of thermoelectric type. These pilot burners can serve low-fire setting. Burners that are pre-tested and assembled with appropriate controls are safer to purchase. Quick lockout safety systems and automotive ignition are the two key features of atmospheric venturi burners.

Firing low temperature ovens from Australian Combustion Services can be used for low gas pressure burners. Higher temperature furnaces can fire to high temperatures and are effective for general work. The downdraft designs in these furnaces can be used to fire high pressure small burners. The furnace is fitted with a flame safety to the ladder pilot with automatic spark ignition.

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