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Limit gauges and testing machines from Australian Calibration Services

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The calibration services offered by Australian Calibration Services are carried out in five different laboratories namely Melbourne laboratory, Brisbane laboratory, Auckland, New Zealand laboratory, Sydney laboratory and Adelaide laboratory. The various equipment that are present in the Melbourne laboratory include limit gauges, jigs and fixtures, cutting tools, engineering metrology equipment, precision instruments, weighing devices, vacuum and pressure measuring devices, force measuring devices, torque measuring devices, testing machines, paper products testing equipment, ancillary testing equipment, calibration of temperature measuring equipment and hygrometry.

The limit gauges from Australian Calibration Services include plain plug gauges, plain ring gauges, parallel screw plug gauges and radius gauges. The engineering metrology equipment include surface plates, straight edges, squares, bevel protractors, precision spirit levels, eccentric mandrels, micrometer heads, external micrometers, internal micrometers, electronic indicators, vernier calipers, electronic height and depth gauges, extensometers, feeler gauges, micrometer setting gauges, steel rules and measuring tapes.

The various testing machines used in Melbourne laboratory of Australian Calibration Services include tension and universal machines, compression machines, Vickers hardness machines, Rockwell hardness machines, brinell hardness machines, Vickers micro-hardness machines, charpy impact machines, resilience testing machines and izod impact machines.

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