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Large range of lubricants and accessories

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AUSTRALIAN Bandsaw Company provides a large range of lubricants and accessories.

Lubricants and accessories

The company offers a wide variety of spray-on and flood lubricants to help maintain bandsaw blades in the very best working condition.

Flood lubricants

Lenox Band Ade and Sawmaster are premium quality sawing fluids that help to reduce machinery wear while increasing blade life. Both products are non-hazardous according to Worksafe Australia.

Spray lubricants

Lenox Lube is available in spray and stick form. A small amount of this synthetic water based lubricant will aid in tooth penetration and blade life. It will also eliminate fluid running through pipes and tube and becoming a danger on the workshop floor.


The Lenox Microniser is a precise fluid pump that uses air pressure to apply Lenox Lube to the saw blade. Using a Microniser instead of flood lubricant will eliminate cutting fluid leaking onto the workshop floor.


CoolTool Metal Working Fluid is a general purpose machining fluid that can be used in all metalworking machines. Independent trials prove patented new CoolTool can increase job speed by 110%, feed increase by 125% and reduce job time by 31.25%.

CoolTool acts to conduct thermal energy away from sensitive components by enhancing the coolant properties of water, simultaneously providing high performance lubrication to increase tool life and efficiency.

CoolTool is not classified as hazardous according to Worksafe Australia.

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