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Bottling the secret to safe drinking

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FROM 1 August 2004, it has been mandatory in NSW for establishments in possession of liquor licenses to provide drinking water for patrons at all times.

This is an essential measure in the responsible service of alcohol, in order to prevent intoxication.

While tap water is safe and hydrating, many consumers do not like the taste of chlorine and often also want chilled water.

In these instances, bottled water is the favoured choice of today’s generation seeking refreshing, clean, and pure tasting water.

In dance and night club venues, bottled water is handy as it slows down the alcohol consumption of the body.

It is advisable for patrons to alternate alcoholic drinks with water, so that they always have something in hand and can space out their alcohol intake.

In addition alcohol acts as a strong diuretic and, as a rough guide, 1ml of pure alcohol can cause the loss of 10ml of water. Therefore a 125ml glass of red wine will cause the loss of 150ml of water.

Excess consumption of alcohol can also cause dehydration, and trigger the loss of essential minerals such as glucose, magnesium and potassium.

However, all of these risks can be minimised by the regular intake of water.

“Bottled water not only tastes good, but it is pure and natural and always handy,” Australasian Bottled Water Institute (ABWI) executive director Tony Gentile said.

“In fact it is a good idea to always carry bottled water with you every where you go.”

The failure to provide drinking water at venues that serve alcohol can lead to the suspension of liquor license, or a maximum penalty of $22,000.

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