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Bioplastics Association to launch in Australia

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An association dedicated to promoting plastics that are biodegradable, compostable and based on renewable resources is set to represent the industry in Australia and New Zealand.

The Australasian Bioplastics Association will seek to work closely with all levels of government, industry, and consumer groups and other stakeholders to establish standards and labelling for bioplastics consistent with internationally recognised testing practices and methods.

“The main purpose of the Association is to increase public awareness of bioplastics as a vital long-term waste management technology and as a valuable alternative to traditional plastics that can take thousands of years to decompose,” Spokesman for Australasian Bioplastics Association, Warwick Hall said.

A key aim of the new Association is to work with government and other relevant bodies to assess the requirements of compost processing and, to effectively market bioplastics as a compostable product.

The Association will act as a communication focal point for media; government; environmental organisations; and the public, on issues relating to bioplastics.

“Bioplastics are seen as a remarkable advance in technology with many benefits, including the promotion of a sustainable future. These modern materials tend to be made from renewable resources such as starch and cellulose from crop plants, unlike traditional plastics that are predominantly petrochemical based. Bioplastics are compostable and present an efficient alternative for waste disposal,” Hall said.

Members of the association include seven companies involved in manufacture and supply of bioplastics in Australia. The companies all produce or supply bioplastic material that is certified compostable and biodegradable to the European Standard EN13432:2000 and those materials are also made with significant renewable resource content.

Founding members of the association are AusAsia Pty Ltd, Innovia Film Pty Ltd , Natureworks LLC , PCC Packaging, Plantic Technologies , Plastral Pty Ltd and SIGNUM Specialities Pty Ltd .

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