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Weighing equipment available from Australasia Scales

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Using scales for trade use that do not have a current certification could attract fines from the Trade Measurement Authority.

Using scales that are not tested periodically with certified weights or calibrated correctly can cost product, money and customers.

For example a person who sells pumpkins is using a set of platform scales to weigh up 1 tonne bins of pumpkins.
If unknown to him the scale has an error causing him to give away 2 kg per tonne, then if he weighs up 100 tonne (100 bins) per day the following loss would occur per year:

100t per day x 2kg (error per tonne) = 200kg produce given away per day

200kg per day x 365 days in a year = 73 tonne annually

Weighing equipment, which is used for trade use, must be serviced and certified by an authorised body. A servicing license from the Office of Fair Trading is required before scales can be certified and a Trade Certification Form and seal including all correct markings should be issued at the time of Certification. 

Australasia Scales is a wholly owned and operated Qld Company. Australasia Scales supplies high quality products and each sale is backed up by the Service Team. Australasia Scales is licensed in Qld and NSW to stamp and certify weighing equipment and the service department offers a 24/7-breakdown service.

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