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Range of scissor lifts provided by Austral Systems

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Austral Systems  is a provider of a range of scissor lifts which include tork kifts, dock lifts, tilt lifts, zero lifts, tilters, turntables, conveyors and many more. The tork lifts offered by Austral Systems are based on conventional scissor lifts with built-in American lift principles. The stable lift arms of tork lifts help to offset the loading of balanced or uneven loads of up to 50 percent and its versatile design can meet extended width requirements with load stability.

The tork lifts provided by Austral Systems assures minimum friction at pivot and wear points and at the same time offer travel height of up to 7.3 metres and load capacities from 500kg to 9000kg.

The tilt lifts provided by Austral Systems offer many features which include up to 90 degrees of tilt angle, load capacities of up to 8000 kilograms, lip to retrain load and angles the load to ease operator access and minimise back strain. Tilt lifts can be fitted with a number of accessories and are ideal for production line assembly work.

The zero lifts from Austral Systems are designed for applications which have minimum floor clearance.

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