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article image Blue laser technology -- 30GB discs.

DATA storage specialist Austor has released the first full range of UDO (ultra density optical) drives, libraries and media to the Australian market.

Sourced from founding UDO consortium member, Plasmon, the new storage technology promises an enhanced level of archival data integrity to a wide range of industries.

Based on ultra density, blue-laser technology, writing to 30 gigabyte optical disks, it is the recognised successor to 5.25 inch MO (Magneto Optical) technology and is available in both Rewritable and true Write Once media formats.

The compact technology provides absolute data authenticity for regulatory compliance or for any application where archived information must remain 100% unchanged.

UDO's patented Phase Change recording process permanently alters the molecular structure of true Write Once media, ensuring data integrity at the most fundamental level.

Specifically designed to provide decades of dependable data retention, the highly stable recording surface delivers media life in excess of 50 years, so minimising the frequency of data migration and virtually eliminating media maintenance.

The storage technology delivers the secure authentication of true Write Once storage with the permanence that ensures the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

These attributes are fundamental to many industries for the archival storage of corporate documents, emails, customer records and transaction data.

Patented UDO Phase Change recording technology uses the heat of a blue-laser to write data on the recording surface of optical media. The laser records data marks by altering the reflective quality of the recording surface.

This is done by changing the crystalline state of the media from an amorphous to a crystalline state, which produces bright to dark marks on the media. The same laser, set at a lower intensity, is then used to read the media.

This recording method produces a very stable recording surface with an extremely long media life. Since it is a non-contact, non-magnetic media, data recorded on UDO does not degrade with use, is insensitive to exposure to magnetic fields and accommodates a much wider range of environmental temperature and humidity conditions.

The UDO drive is designed specifically to meet the demands of long-term archival storage environments. This multifunction drive supports read and write operations on both 30GB Rewritable and true Write Once UDO media.

UDO drives record data using an 8kB sector size to maximise media capacity and performance. Operating with a Constant Angular Velocity (CAV), the drive provides a seek time to data that is second to none, in addition to impressive read/write performance.

When recording data on Rewritable media, a unique two pass direct overwrite methodology is employed to further improve write speeds by eliminating the extra erase pass necessary with MO (Magneto Optical) drives.

UDO is a fully professional grade archival storage product, designed to meet the demands of continuous archival use and reduce the potential for contamination; increase drive and media reliability while extending their useful life.

Combined with enhanced error correction technology and read-ahead effect management, UDO offers a 4x improvement in error handling compared to other optical technology and the drives have been tested in excess of 750,000 load/unload cycles (MSBF) and an MTBF of 100,000 hours.

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