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Energy star rating and EMI/EMC immunity testing services from Austest Laboratories

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Austest Laboratories  provides energy star rating testing and EMI/EMC immunity services. Energy star rating testing services is provided for refrigerators, washing machines and dishwaters.

Washing machines from Austest Laboratories are tested according to Australian Standard AS/NZS2040. The test procedure carried out for clothes washer from Austest Laboratories include water consumption and pressure, wash and spin performance and severity of washing. The energy consumed is calculated based on the program recommended. For refrigerators, the energy consumed can be calculated based on internal compartment temperatures.

EMI/EMC immunity testing includes EMC directive, emission testing, aeronautics and military testing, federal communications commissions. Emission testing is done in compliance with Australian EMC regulations. After testing, a C-tick mark is put on the product which indicates that the particular product is tested according to relevant standards.

This declaration is supported by test report and is demonstrated with EMC regulations made by Ministry of Economic Development. The EMC framework introduced by ACA is applied to electronic and electrical products. Testing and consultancy services are also provided by Austest Laboratories to satisfy these requirements. Other regulators include Federal Office of Road Safety, Therapeutic Goods Administration, Civil Aviation Safety Authority and Commonwealth department of defence.

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