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Austek Communications offers antennas, cables and connectors

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Austek Communications  is a leading provider of various communication system products and accessories to the Australian as well as overseas market. Various brands of antennas are supplied by Austek Communications that include Antcom, Benelec, Bushcomm, Comet, Fords Steel, GME Electrophone, Engenius, Codan, Cellink, Icom, Laser, Moonraker, TJM, Pacific Satellite, RF Industries, Maxon, Uniden and WM1.

Special omni directional antennas for wireless links, commercial quality collinear antennas, black fibre glass antennas, six foot and three foot whip antennas, base loaded stainless steel whip antennas and antenna base units are also supplied by Austek Communications. Integrated antenna kits and hand held systems are also other antenna products from Austek Communications.

Various types of communication cables and connectors from Austek Communications include coaxial cables from Andrews, Maxon, Pulse, Ideal Electrical, Link, Icom and AME. Twelve millimetre and sixteen millimetre solid coaxial cables are available from Austek Communications. Four pair screened data cables, DC twin cables, twin double sheath power cables and DC power lead cables are also provided by Austek Communications.

In addition special marine cables of four millimetres and six millimetres are also provided by Austek Communications. Austek Communications also has a range of connector adaptors, clamp suits, male and female clamps, jack connectors and crimp connectors.

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