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High pressure clean and capture system

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article image The Acqua Fortis 85 series high pressure cleaning system.

THE Aqua Fortis 85 series, available from Aussie Red Equipment , is a high pressure hot water cleaning system designed for use in commercial kitchens, takeaways, and in food production.

It captures up to 98% of the water being used, with no run-off or damage to surrounding areas, leaving surfaces dry and clean. When a freezer is cleaned and de-iced the floor is left totally dry. This is essential because at -30°C even the smallest amount of water will immediately become black ice.

The water jet can be brought within a quarter of an inch of a cardboard box without damage. This allows it to be used to clean out a store room without having to first empty it of stock.

The system can also be used to prepare surfaces for epoxy coatings, leaving them free of dust, debris, chemical residue, fats, and oils. This allows coatings to adhere with a better quality finish and durability.

It can remove chewing gum from hard surfaces or tyre rubber from workshop floors, car parks, airport runways, and domestic driveways or used to restore pool surroundings, killing moss and mould.

The clean and capture tool can access tight areas around seating and machinery. The grout of tiled floors can be effectively cleaned, removing hygiene problems.

A one metre lance allows pressure cleaning of playground equipment, rubbish bins, and other hard to reach areas. Drain cleaning attachments and other accessories are available.

The system comes with 30m of 38mm vacuum and pressure hose. Hoses up to 45m in length are available. It has a high pressure lance; a 28cm clean and capture tool; and an automatic waste discharge pump with internal filtration and easily cleaned waste bag filter.

The system does not use any cleaning chemicals. This makes it more environmentally friendly and avoids the risk of damaging some surfaces.

It is operated with a single push button on/off switch with overload protection and has an hour meter to monitor use. Servicing is recommended every 150 hours of use. The system is protected by a cradle-to-grave warranty on all major components and is R&M chargeable.

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