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Magnets, magnetic devices and magnetic health products from Aussie Magnets

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Alinco Magnets provided by Aussie Magnets are used as bar magnets. These bar magnets are required for hall-effect sensors, reed switches, consumer and industrial products. These bar magnets are also used in the communication sector. Some products like Alnico nico rods, Alnico nico bars, Alnico nico pots, shallow pots and Horseshoe are also provided with Alnico magnets.

Aussie Magnets provides efficient magnetic devices to be used for various purposes. Magnetic Earth Clamp and Welders Magnetic Square Big are efficient magnetic devices.

Welders Magnetic Square Big is fourty two millimetres wide and has laminated pole plates. This is a heavy-duty welders magnetic square specifically designed to clamp small girders, beams and heavy plate.

Drag On lifting device provided by Aussie Magnets is extensively used for lifting metal sheets. Aussie Magnets also manufactures a wide variety of magnetic health products such as magnetic expandable bracelet, ferrite block magnet, hematite elastic bracelet, rare earth disc, magnetic knee support, magnetic inner soles and magnetic elbow support.

Magnetic wood underlay is an efficient magnetic health product made of pure wool. This wood underlay is suitable for travelling and for use in a chair or a bed. Other magnetic health products are also provided by Aussie Magnets on a large scale.

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