Aussie Magnets

Aussie Magnets are specialists in magnets for over 20 years and they've been helping individuals and big businesses implement magnets into their design. They provide Industrial Magnets, Magnetic Devices, Custom-made Magnets, Craft and DIY Magnets in all shapes, sizes and strengths of magnets. Aussie Magnet's magnets consists of Rare Earth (Neodymium), Ferrite, Al Nico and Flexible Rubber.


Supplier news
31/03/08 - Alinco Magnets provided by Aussie Magnets are used as bar magnets. These bar magnets are required for hall-effect sensors, reed switches, consumer and industrial products.

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Aussie Magnets (Head office) Update these details
4 Cromwell Street
VIC 3125
Tel: 1300 287 624
Fax: 03 9808 1066

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