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Hopper loaders and its accessories from Aussie Augers

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Aussie Augers  provides quality hopper loaders. The hopper loaders provided by Aussie Augers work like Transfer Augers. Standard hopper loaders are readily available at Aussie Augers, which have a capacity of two hundred litres. The diameter of the auger ranges from seventy five millimetres to one hundred millimetres.

The hopper loaders offered by Aussie Augers are ideally used for transferring bulky bags to filling machines directly. However, bulky bags can also be transferred by linking them to a powder filling machine with the help of a level probe. This will ease the entire process and save time.

The hopper loaders from Aussie Augers are also provided with a grill. This grill is fitted with a safety cut-out switch that performs efficiently and can also shut down the loader in case of emergency. This minimises the risk of danger and protects the users against harm.

Aussie Augers also provides efficient stirrer bars with hopper loaders specifically for the benefit of the users. These hopper loaders are also provided with a dust covering which is fitted perfectly for protection against dust. Aussie Augers also provides complete maintenance support to the customers for its hopper loaders.

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