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Food processing and food handling tools from Aussie Augers

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Aussie Augers  is one of the leading manufacturers of quality garden and food processing tools, which are made from stainless steel. The garden tools, by Aussie Augers, are known as ‘Digadoo Garden Tools’.

The spades and shovels from Aussie Augers are ideally used in various food processing factories. These spades and shovels are well accepted because these are hygienic food processing and food handling tools. The shovels and spades also perform efficiently. These shovels and spades seal all the gaps and cracks effectively and also polish them, so as to improve their overall appearance. The shovels are readily available with square or round blade. The square shovels and spades are provided with sharp blades that work efficiently.

Aussie Augers also offers large capacity scoops that are made from stainless steel. These scoops are suitable for moving powders, grain and granules by hand. These scoops can also be used for various other applications. Aussie Augers facilitates its customers to order the large capacity scoops online.

These scoops are delivered to the customers within the minimum possible time. The scoops offered by Aussie Augers are two hundred and eighty millimetres high and five hundred millimetres wide.

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