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Air conditioning systems and services offered by Aussie Airconditioning

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Aussie Airconditioning  specialises in the distribution and installation of air conditioning systems for the domestic sector in Australia. Aussie Airconditioning offers air conditioning services suitable for individual requirements of customers. It supplies air conditioning systems according to customer’s choice and also provides services related to insulation. Electrical and light carpentry work associated with the installation of air conditioning system is also done by Aussie Airconditioning.

Aussie Airconditioning supplies split system air conditioning units manufactured by reputed brands such as Daikin, DeLonghi, Electrolux Kelvinator, Fujitsu, LG, Mitsubishi, Panasonic and TCL. Various types of air conditioners are available from the product range of Aussie Airconditioning including ducted, cassettes, wall mounted, ceiling mounted, mini duct and semi commercial air conditioning units.

Three types of air conditioning maintenance services namely Bronze, Silver and Gold are offered by Aussie Airconditioning. The Bronze maintenance service from Aussie Airconditioning comprises of cleaning of internal and external units wipe down only and checking refrigerant, temperature and function.

Aussie Airconditioning’s Silver Maintenance service includes cleaning filters, cleaning of external unit, internal condenser strip down and internal unit with full strip down inside and out. Aussie Airconditioning’s Silver service includes full recovery and reclaim of refrigerant and regassing as well.

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