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Lobbying and advocacy services from Ausnindo-Asia/Pacific

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Ausnindo-Asia/Pacific  offers business consulting services, engineering and construction management services, international business consulting services and lobbying and advocacy services to private and public sectors. Ausnindo-Asia/Pacific provides customised services to its clients with project planning, management and implementation needs. The strategic business consulting services offered by Ausnindo-Asia/Pacific include the following range of services; project pre-qualification services, project feasibility services, requirement analysis, site identification services, design and heath services planning, representing project negotiations, bid submission and tender positioning services and competitive bid tracking services.

Ausnindo-Asia/Pacific provides project facilitating services to its clients through professional lobbying and advocacy. Ausnindo-Asia/Pacific conducts meetings and campaigns for influencing public officials and the administration and contractors in accepting a construction or engineering project. The lobbying process involves revealing of information on various feasibility studies, the possible outcomes and profits of the proposed project. The primary focus of the lobbying and advocacy process is to earn a positive response from the government or management on the proposed project.

The government lobbying and advocacy service offered by Ausnindo-Asia/Pacific involves the following range of activities; representing the client’s request, monitoring and reporting, assisting clients on lobbying needs and planning.

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