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Hardwood floors and stakes available from Ausgum

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Ausgum  manufactures a range of natural timber materials, hardwood floors, stakes and wooden furniture. The industrial timber supplies from Ausgum are suitable for designing a wide variety of wooden furniture. Ausgum manufactures a wide range hoop pine stakes, hardwood panels and pegs suitable for agricultural, surveying, mining and engineering applications. Ausgum manufactures hardwood flooring materials, hardwood decking materials, structural hardwood components and decking tiles suitable for residential and commercial applications.

The hardwood materials supplied by Ausgum are suitable for making playground equipment, animal shelters and parkland benches. Ausgum manufactures a large range of customised stakes that help in bringing safety at workplace. The customised stakes designed by Ausgum helps in preventing impaling, grabbing and splitting. The stakes manufactured by Ausgum are made from tough hardwood materials and light weight pine. Ausgum supplies a wide range of durable and long lasting hardwood stakes suitable for industrial and domestic applications.

The stakes designed by Ausgum comes with pencil round corners that help in preventing splinters. The stakes manufactured by Ausgum are available in smooth finishes. The stakes supplied by Ausgum comes in raw timber and painted finishes.

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