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Protect iPads in Style with the Latest Range of OZAKI Lifestyle Accessories

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Audion Innovision Australia  offers the latest range of iPad accessories from OZAKI.  

The new OZAKI range of iPad accessories includes the iFinger Tap Stylus, iCoat Sleeves, iCoat Screen Protectors, iCoat Cases and iCarry Stands.  

The OZAKI iFinger Tap Stylus enables the user to navigate the iPad menu with greater precision without leaving behind any fingerprints. The dome-shaped tip of the stylus enables one to scroll, type and draw without scratching or leaving marks behind on the touchscreen.  

The lightweight aluminium iPad stylus is only 1.6” long and features an attachment cord that plugs into the headphone jack of an iPad or iPhone to keep it secure.  

Perfect for on-the-go iPad users are the OZAKI iCoat Sleeves allowing one to protect the iPad from accidental bumps and damage. The iCoat Sleeves are available in a range of different colours and styles to suit all tastes including a plush leather-look, smooth velvet as well as strong microfibre design.  

The microfibre iCoat Sleeve also features a foldable front cover, which provides a tilted work surface for the iPad.  

Scratches can also be prevented on the screen with the OZAKI iCoat Invisible Screen Protector and the iCoat Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protector.  

The iCoat Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protector also provides protection from unwanted fingerprints being left on the touchscreen as well as anti-glare protection so that the sun’s reflection is never an issue when using the iPad outdoors.  

OZAKI also offers a range of fashionable cases for users who like to dress up their iPads. These include the iCoat Bubble Case, iCoat Crystal Case and iCoat Silicone Case.  

These stylish cases enable users to personalise the look of their iPads and also protect them from nasty scrapes and scratches.  

Additionally, the iCoat Silicone Case also provides extra grip to ensure the iPad does not slide off the table or slip from the hands when it is in use. All Ozaki iCoat Cases also come with a screen protector to give iPads full scratch protection.  

The OZAKI iCarry Stand allows users to mount and display their iPad so that it can be viewed at a comfortable angle, which will reduce the amount of neck strain. The sleek looking aluminium stand features a swivel so that the iPad can be displayed vertically or horizontally and also includes a handle for portability.  

The OZAKI iPad accessories range is distributed in Australia exclusively by Audion Innovision and will be available soon at selected retailers.

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