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Now there is a new way to enjoy MP3 tracks at home. The new Parrot Sound System  streams digital music from any Bluetooth-enabled device, allowing the user to enjoy favourite tracks at volumes loud enough to delight friends and drive neighbours to distraction.

The Parrot Sound System  is a revolutionary, Hi-Fi 2x60 Watt stereo system with integrated Class-D digital amplifiers. Developed by Bluetooth-specialist Parrot, the Parrot Sound System works with every type of A2DP Bluetooth source: mobile phones, PDAs, MP3 players and Bluetooth-equipped PCs. An analogue input can also be used to make it compatible with traditional music sources, such as CD players, stereo systems and a computer’s analogue output.

The Parrot Sound System  is being launched with other products for the home this year, also incorporating Parrot’s Bluetooth expertise. Also on the way is the Parrot Photo Viewer, the first Bluetooth digital picture frame allowing the user to view photos taken on mobile phone.

The Parrot Sound System  consists simply of a pair of wireless speakers with built-in amplifier. This means that, apart from plugging each speaker into the mains, there are no wires between amplifier or speakers to trip over.

Nowadays, music people listen to is in digital format, commonly as MP3 files, stored on digital music players, PCs and increasingly mobile phones. In response to this, Parrot has developed the Bluetooth Parrot Sound System, which provides the ideal solution to listening to music in the comfort of home.

Parrot has matched the technical capability with a sophisticated, contemporary design that will complement the interior of any home. The Parrot Sound System is housed in a white hand-lacquered cabinet with detachable covers.

The Parrot Sound System will be available from mid-October.

Benefits of the Parrot Sound System include:
* Wireless transfer of music and connection between the two speakers
* Compatibility with all types of A2DP Bluetooth source (mobile phones, PDAs, MP3 players, Bluetooth-equipped computers, etc.)
* Analogue input to ensure compatibility with traditional music source (CD players, stereo systems, PCs, etc.)
* Hi-Fi quality
* Simple to use
* Contemporary design

Technical specifications:
* Fully digitised, two-channel amplified speakers
* Digital Class-D amplifier with 60W output per speaker
* Digital equaliser (PC software)
* Digital crossover
* Parrot 5 processor
* Bluetooth 2.0 & EDR (Enhanced Data Rate)
* Bluetooth scatternet
* Automatic scatternet set-up
* Bluetooth A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) and AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile)
* MP3 Decoder with 192, 160, 128 and 112 Kbps
* SBC decoder with 320, 275, 250 and 150 Kbps
* RCA line-in for all audio sources

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