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Luminor wireless surround sound and light feature system available from Audion Innovision

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article image The wireless light and surround sound system is complete with iPhone/iPod docking station

Now available from Audion Innovision is the Scott Luminor Wireless System. This innovative music system works to concert existing lamps and light installations into a wireless sound and light system.

These unique wireless sound system enables the user to effortlessly enjoy music in surround sound from a variety of portable devices including:

  • iPods
  • iPhones
  • MP3 players
  • USB devices
  • SD cards
  • PCs
  • MACs, and
  • video game consoles.
The Luminor LED Light Speakers are simple to install.  The sound device is screwed into a standard lamp or light fixture and attached to the portable music device.

Up to 7 additional LED Lamp Speakers can be connected to the same audio device, meaning that music can be played wirelessly in multiple rooms. The Luminor automatically detects additional speakers and switches to stereo mode.

The Luminor light speakers are also fully compatible with the SBX 10 wireless subwoofers, which can be added to the system to provide a complete high end audio solution.

In addition to providing a wireless audio system the Luminor also provides an energy efficient lighting solution, with the LED bulbs rated to last for 15 years or more. The stylish LED lights feature a semi-transparent cover and a metal grill to cover the speaker, and offers a brightness of 85 white LED light.

The sound and light system are both operated using a remote control, which also features a dimmer function for adjusting the brightness of the light.

The standard Luminor system includes an iPod/iPhone dock and one LED lamp speaker. Additional lamp speakers and wireless subwoofers are purchased separately.

To find out more about this innovative sound and lighting solution visit the Audion Innovision website.

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