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Edifier iF200 available from Audion Innovision

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Audion Innovision has released a morning wake up call- the Edifier iF200 iPod alarm clock.

Say goodbye to that horrible buzzer or scratchy radio station and wake up to your favourite tunes from your iPod.

The iF200 works by harnessing the internal clock system of iPods, allowing you to set the alarm and what song you would like to wake up to.

A snooze button is located at the top of the unit that silences the alarm in nine minute intervals, allowing you catch a few extra winks when needed.

Making the old new again, the iF200 has a retro, double-bell alarm clock look, with the new pink model adding a feminine touch often lacking in audio devices of old.

iF200 is small enough to fit on your bedside table and integrates nicely into the bedroom décor.

iF200 is a strong and sturdily built device so iF200 will survive even the harsh of Monday morning temper tantrums.

Certainly not to be tarred with the novelty brush, the iF200 produces good playback for a unit of its size.

Built-in 360° omni directional speakers deliver rich, dynamic and vivid sound with the capacity to reach surprisingly high levels of volume, made easy by the large volume dial.

iF200 will dock many iPods (except iPod shuffle) and even serve as a charging unit. An internal memory system will also automatically switch your iPod to alarm clock mode each time it is docked.


  • Allows you to wake up to your iPod playlist
  • Retro double-bell alarm clock look
  • Also comes in black or white
  • Docks and charges most iPods (except iPod shuffle)
  • Memory function automatically switches iPod to alarm/clock mode each time it is docked
  • Snooze button set on nine minute intervals
  • Large volume dial
  • 100-240V universal AC adaptor
The iF200 can be found in consumer electronic stores. The iF200 is available from Audion Innovision.

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