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Intercom and megaphone products from Audio Visual Devices

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Intercom products from Audio Visual Devices include handset systems, door systems and loudspeakers. Various types of handset systems are provided by Audio Visual Devices.

Aiphone AT306 extra sub hand set is used along with AT406P handset intercom. It is white in colour. The AT406BA handset intercom comes in pair and it is a version of charcoal grey AT406P. This AT406BA handset intercom has long curly cord.

Door systems from Audio Visual Devices come in various brands namely Misc and Aiphone. Aiphone EL9S electric door release is ideal for swinging doors having a standard lock tongue. Aiphone MKDV B and W door station is resistant to vandals and is surface mounted.

Megaphones distributed by Audio Visual Devices include handheld and shoulder megaphones. AVD ER1215EA hand held megaphones are built with on and off switches, volume controls and microphones. This megaphone is made from plastic and offers ring free, smooth sound.

Shoulder megaphones are also provided by Audio Visual Devices which comes in wide ranges. ER2215 shoulder megaphone comes with an external microphone which can be held with help of hand, it also contains on and off switches and volume control device.

Other features of shoulder megaphone include 15 watt output, the handles and microphone elements are treated with anti bacterial agent. The range of speech that can be produced is 400 M and it uses power source of 6 x C cells.

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