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Business software upgrade released

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EXONET, represented by Attunga Business Solutions , has just released the latest version of its business software, the 6.187.

The improvements in this release are extensive and represent over 92 functionality changes designed to assist small and mid-sized enterprises to manage their businesses more effectively.

The major release of version 6.187 illustrates Exonet's continued commitment to use the latest software technologies and techniques and to continually deepen the products’ capabilities to meet the needs of the user community.

For clients of Exonet this means their business software is always up to date and relevant to their changing business.

Key areas of enhancement include:

* Point of sale (POS)

* Serial number tracking

* Distribution advantage

* Exonet configurator

* Transaction tabs

* Clarity reporting

* Job costing

* Online help

* Supplier pack pricing

* Debtors banking batches.

Retailers in particular will be excited about this release. Changes have been made with the needs of more sophisticated retail businesses in mind - ranging from improved cash management, seamless Eftpos integration with major vendors Provenco Syncro and Eftpos NZ, tighter shift control and end of day procedures tied into the banking processes.

Stock item searching is now more intuitive and comprehensive. This is particularly useful if stock codes are unknown and descriptions in the system do not follow a consistent structure. Searching can now be done on alternative word combinations.

The functionality in the Distribution Advantage module continues to expand to provide an efficient and highly configurable business process framework suitable for complex distribution businesses, but also offers major productively gains for high volume/low complexity users requiring simplified and more streamlined, defined sales orders, purchase orders and inter-branch transfer processes.

Exonet’s configurator has a new interface that makes it easier to find and set specific switches or profile settings that govern the behavior of Exonet. There are over 1000 option switches in the Exonet core product. This makes implementation, configuration or simply exploring the scope of capabilities of Exonet, simpler and much more efficient.

Re-organisation of the transaction tabs on stock, debtors and creditors allow users to display group the transactions by period with rolling balances of values and/or quantities for at the close of each period.

Searching and editing of reports is even more powerful in 6.187. A new Clarity report browser function allows users to explore the extensive Clarity report library for reports that are not already placed on the menu. It shows graphical representations of the reports. From here you can run or edit the reports directly.

Enhancements to the Job Costing module include increased functionality within stock management, purchasing, invoicing and quoting sections to increase efficiency and accuracy of stock tracking. For instance, users can track fully serialised stock items through the entire jobbing process.

The ability to retain fixed selling prices on quoted lines for products that are ordered for the job will empower users with greater confidence in the maintenance of margins as the job progresses through to invoice stage.

Up to the minute online context sensitive help is available in this version and provides clarification of functionality and valuable information even for experienced users.

Other features include improved support for supplier discounts and purchase-pack pricing. Sell prices formulation is improved and sell prices can now be auto-computed by user definable formulae.

Debtors Banking Batches has been given a makeover and now better integrates with Point of Sale. New filters will make searching easier and quicker. Banking batches are now further integrated with payment groups to establish default settings.

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