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Atom Industries offers golf bunker edgers and cultivators

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Atom Industries  also offers golf bunker edgers and cultivators. Golf bunker edgers offered by Atom Industries include 2-stroke edger, 4-stroke edger.

Atom 2-stroke golf bunker edger helps in saving work, time and labour costs at golf courses. This 2-stroke golf bunker edger is light weight and cuts sharp clean edges. It has strong steel handles with bio rubber handle grips and it also has safety lock systems.

Extra stability is offered with the help of cross handles and anti vibration mounts are also present. There is a powerful full crank commercial engine which comes with an automatic clutch. Right and left safety windows are provided to watch the blade cutting of bunker edges. The blade guard is made from polymer materials and the 17 inch blades are made from steel.

Tiller or cultivators from Atom Industries include 2 Stroke 4 Tine, 2 Stroke 6 Tine, 4 Stroke 4 Tine and 4 Stroke 4 Tine cultivators.

2 Stroke 4 Tine cultivators from Atom Industries are easy to use and offer smooth tilling action. These 2 Stroke 4 Tine cultivators have strong steel handles with safety interlock. There is a heavy duty automatic clutch and anti vibration rubber mounts are also present.

The motor is enclosed in a polymer case and it comes with 6 position height adjustors. The wheels are large with rubber tyre and the side skirts minimise soil spray. There is a protective detachable cover for easy cleaning. This cultivator from Atom Industries is ideal for mulching vegetable matter, grass, leaves and plant cuttings uniformly into the soil. This helps in the production of aerated soil which remains moist and richly fertile.

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