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Air quality and greenhouse gas assessment services by Atmospheric Solutions

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Atmospheric Solutions  is a leading environmental consultant that specialises in offering services that are related to environment conservation and pollution control. The company has executed and is also currently involved in various projects under air quality assessment, greenhouse gas assessment, emission determination, emission control and air dispersion modelling.

With global warming being a subject of extreme importance in the current global climate, Atmospheric Solutions offer quality service in the area of air quality assessment. This also includes indoor as well as outdoor air quality. Various project categories under air quality assessment include air quality impact assessment, odour impact assessment and air quality management plans.

In addition air quality assessment also covers National Pollutant Inventory (NPI) emission estimation and reporting. Atmospheric Solutions designs projects to assess the standard allowed levels of such emissions according to the standards established by environmental authorities.

Greenhouse gas assessment is yet another major area of work for Atmospheric Solutions. It undertakes projects and planning related to energy efficiency determination, carbon lifecycle assessment, AGO emission estimation and greenhouse management. Atmospheric Solutions also offers consultation on setting carbon offset levels to make business carbon neutral.

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