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Atlas Weighing unveils Compuload 4000 Series load weighing scale

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article image Compuload 4000 Series load weighing scale

The Compuload 4000 Series for load weighing indication from Atlas Weighing is the recent innovation in on board weighing technology. Designed for front-end loader applications, the new Compuload 4000 series is a sophisticated and versatile product designed to simplify operations as well as attain meaningful results.

The Compuload 4000 Series comes with a large, backlit dot matrix liquid display that provides lucid solutions in all conditions. The large keypads in combination with the 'on display messages' make the Compuload 4000 Series a user-friendly product.

Designed with care, the Compuload 4000 has the ability to provide reliability and high-quality operations over a wide temperature range.

The rugged and reliable Compuload weighing systems made a mark since 1989 for their adaptability to operate in different types of applications and environments. Even in the toughest conditions, the rugged design ensures continuity of operation.

The Compuload 4000 series indicator merges precise individual weight readings along with weight totals and data storage in a single instrument, and the information could be displayed at any time. There is a wide selection of operating modes that allows the instrument to suit the attributes of the loader. There is an electronic lift speed compensating sensor that allows quick, accurate weighing even as the load is lifted and also while the equipment is moving, allowing the utilisation of the automatic add and storage of data.

The features and options relate that the stored data provides information on the "Customer", "Product" and "Truck" details. These fields are open to any kind of alteration required in order to suit the application. The stored information that is viewed on the display can be printed on the optional onboard printer. This information can also be downloaded to a computer with all kinds of accompanying details that include the name, date and time, total of truck, total of product or total for customer. The optional data storage programs that are available are:

  • Simple to use
  • On the move weighing
  • Fully automatic
  • Storing of required data
  • Fitted to all types of machines
  • Improves profitability
  • Fast and accurate weighing
  • Backlit high visibility display
  • Optional hard copy printout
  • Australian made

The specifications are as follows:

  • Display:2 lines x 16 character dot matrix liquid crystal - super twist
  • Character Size:9 mm high and 5 mm wide Visibility, Rating 4 metres
  • Illumination:Backlit LED - automatic turn-on
  • Keyboard:12 x membrane user keys
  • Power Supply:12 to 24 volts DC
  • Supply Current:8OmA @ 12V, 4OmA @ 24V (typical)
  • Memory:Inbuilt non volatile memory, retains calibration and set-up data without power
  • Input:20 to 10OmV pressure transducer
  • Accuracy:±1% (typical)
  • Mounting:Stainless steel bracket
  • Dimensions:14Omm (w) x 95mm (h) x 50-80mm (d)
  • Enclosure:Stainless Steel - powder coated finish
  • Weight:1 kg (unpacked)
  • Optional Printer:Printer model 4050, prints time and date, product information, actual weight, total and grand total weight.

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