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SMIE’s anti-collision systems available from Atlas Electrical Technologies Services

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In 1985 SMIE, represented by Atlas Electrical Technologies Services , developed and marketed anti-collision systems. Digital technologies for computation and data transmission have since been used to manufacture products that are ever more efficient.

SMIE has become the tower cranes anti-collision system specialist with thousands of systems sold and used on every type of crane around the world. SMIE's primary concern is to ensure safety without decreasing work-site output. This objective has led to widening its range: besides the products and basic services, consulting and training have become absolutely necessary.

Building sites are becoming more and more complex, often involving several contractors and cranes of multiple origins. The management of such sites has extended the concept of simple inter-crane interference to what we choose to call "co-activity". Various types of lifting machines are progressively being outfitted both in the building and in the general industrial lifting applications. 

SMIE introduces recent technologies (radio/web communications) in order to improve the efficiency of maintenance and to insure adaptability to future needs and applications. From design to installation, from consulting to training, SMIE has achieved mastery of a multifaceted profession through innovation, technological awareness and by keeping up to date with regulation tendencies.

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