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AC 243 anti-collision system from Atlas Electrical Technologies Services

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Atlas Electrical Technologies Services  offers AC 243 anti-collision system for tower cranes.

Applications of the AC 243 anti-collision system:

The AC 243 represents the 4th generation of systems developed by SMIE over the past 20 years. It incorporates advanced technologies as well as the experience accumulated from thousands of installations on construction sites worldwide.

The solutions

The AC243 implements the following solutions:

  • Measures constantly the position and the speed of the jib and trolley for each crane
  • Calculates 3 times per second, the collision risk, taking into account the braking capacity of each movement
  • Implements a braking procedure as soon as, and only if, a collision risk is identified

For an anti-collision solution, each crane must be equipped with an AC243 system.

Communication between the systems is by

  • cable (up to 30 cranes)
  • wireless (up to 9 cranes)


  • ENIA Supervising and recording device
  • Visual overview of the operation of the AC243 systems on site
  • Recording of all relevant anti-collision events (faults, overrides etc..)
  • Accessible locally on site or remotely by internet


The SMIE AC 243 system is designed with adaptability for use on all types of crane:

  • Saddle jib cranes
  • Fixed cranes
  • Relay controlled cranes
  • All manufacturers
  • Luffing jib cranes
  • Travelling cranes
  • PLC controlled cranes
  • All owners

The AC243 is designed for easy installation/dismounting and can be transferred from crane to crane with only minor adaptations. Can be installed on cranes from all manufacturers : Comansa, Comedil, Jaso, Kroll, Liebherr, Peiner, Potain, Raimondi, Wolff, etc.

Total security at all times

The AC243 integrates a positive safety function that is capable of identifying a large number of faults in its own operation and taking the necessary steps to maintain the site in complete safety with a maximum possible freedom of operation for the cranes.

System functions

The basic functions of the AC 243 anti-collision systems are :

  • Zoning or work area limitation : controls the area over which load may be carried, thus preventing the risks of direct collisions, power line contact etc.
  • Anti-collision : prevents collisions between the hoist rope or the jib of a crane and the jib/counter jib of all other interfering cranes.

Central control unit of the AC 243 Anti-collision system calculates the crane position and evaluates the risk of anticollision with respect to other interfering cranes on site.

Central Unit

  • UC35
  • Wireless transmission module which allows the exchange of information between the cranes

Wireless Communication

  • RAC 2 / 3
  • Provides information on the trolley position on the jib

Trolley Sensor


Provides information to the driver on the current state of the system : free or inhibited movements, overrides, defects, trolley and slewing position etc.

Operator display


  • The electromechanical machine interface connects the central unit to the crane control cabinet. It controls the different movements of every type of crane
  • Machine interface and override device
  • IM45 / IM45PREC / IM45BOUCH: Provides jib / counter jib slewing angle information

Slewing sensor


Main power supply for AC 243 and electronic override key.

Power supply and override key

  • BJ45BS
  • Indicates to the site personnel if there is a fault with the anticollision system of if it has been disabled.

External signal light

  • SL35
  • Provides the information of the crane position when it is travelling on rails.

Travelling sensor


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