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Gold rated ‘down-the-hole’ hammer

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THE new Secoroc 6" (152mm) hammer from Atlas Copco — the COP 64 Gold — is set to meet the exacting demands of today's DTH driller.

For drilling equipment, the leap from medium pressure to the current average of 25 bar (360psi) has been tough. Rubber components are especially vulnerable.

For COP 64 Gold, however, this will not be a problem, thanks to a steel disc spring and a new grade of rubber buffer. In fact, COP 64 Gold's operating pressure is rated at 30 bar (430psi) — a market high.

Design has also improved. On COP 64 Gold, the piston has a polygon shape that, combined with milled slots in the cylinder, greatly enhances its guidance. There's an added bonus, too: less internal wear means sustained efficiency and productivity throughout the life of the hammer.

COP 64 Gold is the most reliable Atlas Copco Secoroc hammer ever built. The new cylinder is made of a special high-strength steel, developed specifically for rock-drilling applications.

Built to stand up to abrasion, the hammer can even be pushed beyond current wear limits. What's more, the new 12-spline chuck stands up better against spline wear.

All in all, drillers can look forward to a 30 to 50 percent longer service life compared to the previous generation.

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