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article image 100% oil-free, uncontaminated air.

ATLAS Copco has released the AQ series of fully water-injected rotary screw compressors. It give 100% oil-free, uncontaminated air. This makes it suitable for hospitals or other sensitive environments where clean air is required.

Research by Belgian research agency VITO has found that the Aqua Screw offers a clean air supply in environments that may have become contaminated. Test sites with high concentrations of organic contaminants in the ambient air were selected. After extensive testing, the quality of the air produced from the Aqua Screw was found not to be adversely affected by the poor environmental conditions.

A second series of tests were then devised to study the effects of directly injecting E Coli-contaminated process water into the compressor. The levels of E Coli in the process water and the compressed air delivered were then sampled over several hours. The results showed that even with heavy concentrations of E Coli in the process water, no E Coli was detected in the compressed air produced. Even with the water filter removed E Coli was not present in the outlet of the compressor system.

The Aqua-Screw range is available with directly-driven motor sizes between 30kW and 55kW. It has compact and silenced compressors with drive motor, coolers, moisture drains, a reverse osmosis system, filtration and a controller to guarantee optimum efficiency and reliability. An environmentally-friendly refrigerant dryer is integrated into the full-feature versions of the range, keeping floor space to a minimum.

The range also features variable speed drive options (VSD) to match the speed of the motor to air demand. This means that only the minimum amount of energy is consumed for varying load conditions.

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